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Virginia Diner’s Role in ‘Great American Road Trip’ Noted by Marker
TOWN OF WAKEFIELD, VIRGINIA – “I don’t know if there is any more iconic venue than where we stand today, in front of the Virginia Diner,” said Horace “Chip” Edward Mann, on Wednesday morning. “I have traveled the length and breadth of the Commonwealth for 40 years and know of few eateries that have maintained their ambiance, their character — not to mention the quality of their food — during 40 years… much less 86 years." ...... Read More

Peanut pie and the sweet, crunchy memories of a Southern Virginia childhood

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, but bussed 35 miles each day to a performing arts high school in the town of Petersburg. Several times a week during the spring, I’d get out of class early with the rest of the girls on the varsity tennis team, and we’d haul our bulky bags onto a bus for our away games, motoring down U.S. Route 460, the through-line that connected all the schools in our district. We barreled through small town after small town in the rural depths of Southern Virginia. But when we’d approach this one town, Wakefield, all the time I spent on a rickety school bus became worth it. First, my best friend lived there. And it was an excuse to visit the Virginia Diner, home to my favorite pie in the world....Read More

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